Salutations to Sri Ayyaval

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ईशे तस्य च नामनि प्रविमलं ज्ञानं तयोरूर्जितं
प्रेम प्रेम च तत्परेषु विरतिश्चान्यत्र सर्वत्र च ।
ईशेक्षा करुणा च यस्य नियता वृत्तिः श्रितस्यापि यं
तं वन्दे नररूपमन्तकरिपुं श्रीवेङ्कटेशं गुरुम् ॥

I bow down to my preceptor, Sri Venkatesha, who is verily Lord Shiva in human form. Pristine knowledge of the Lord and his holy names; fixed, unbounded devotion towards them; and also affection towards devotees; absence of attachment towards everything else; grace and compassion of the lord - all these can be attained by taking refuge in him.

About the Mutt

Sri Sridhara Venkatesha Ayyaval is a highly respected personage in the bhajana sampradaya of South India. He is one of the three acharyas who headed 'Naama-prachaara' movement in the south, along with Sri Bhagavannama Bodhendra swamigal and Sri Marudanallur Sadguru swamigal. Sri Ayyaval was a remarkable alloy of Jnana, Bhakthi and Vairagya maargas.

Sri Ayyaval spent most of his life in the village of Tiruvisalur, situated 10 Kms. from the city of Kumbhakonam, in the eastern coast of Tamil Nadu (approx. 335 Kms. From Chennai, the Capital of Tamil Nadu), on the banks of Cauveri river in the fertile Chola-nadu. Sridhara Venkateswara Shastrigal (respectfully addressed as Sri Ayyaval) resided in this village in an agraharam established by Shahaji, the then ruler of Tanjore. He was well-versed in the shastras, and was a staunch believer in the greatness of Bhagavan-naama. Tiruvisalur has seen various devotional moods of this saint and stands sanctified by the dust of his feet. Today, the small mutt which housed this great soul stands as a witness to the life & times of this saint.

Under the able trusteeship of a few devotees, the mutt is involved in various spiritual activities which were heralded by Sri Ayyaval during his time. Apart from the routine daily activities like Prabodhanam, Paaraayanam, Nitya Pooja, Naama Sankeertanam & Dolotsavam, monthly functions like the Ekadashi Divyanamam Bhajan, Sri Mahanyasa Rudrabhishekam on Amavasyas etc. are conducted with devotion.